ARS Sport Brand for Track and field ‘’ Trackman Full PU’’  Full Polyurethane Running track  is a high performance athletic track system. It is a water impermeable sandwich system where a polyurethane wear coat is broadcasted with EPDM granules installed on an in situ made base layer of SBR granules mixed with polyurethane binder. - Fast installation with special paving machines
- High performance athletic track system
- Seamless, water impermeable surface
- Spike resistant
- Suitable for competition and training purposes

Properties / Product Advantages
• IAAF certified
• Fast installation
• Minimum injuiry risk
• Low maintenance costs
 • Seamless PUR/EPDM top layer
• Optimised force reduction
• Long lasting performance and durability
• Highly slip resistant
• Optimal protection for the athletes
 • Pre-fabricated underlay: SBR rubber roll base mat

Installation of ARS Sport Brand for Track and field ‘’ Trackman Full PU’’  will be installed on an insitu base layer which consist of a mix of SBR granules mixed with polyurethane binder. This base layer will be installed with special paving machines. Before applying the insitu base layer a primer must be applied for proper adhesion. The base layer is sealed with a polyurethane track sealer. Finally the last toping of coloured EPDM granules broadcasted into an impermeable wear coat of polyurethane compound will be applied.

Build Up:
 Components Usage/m2
 ‘’ Trackman’’   Primer 0,15 kg /m2
 ‘’ Trackman’’   Binder 520RC 1,6 kg/m2
‘’ Trackman’’   SBR granules 4 kg/m2
‘’ Trackman’’   Sealer 1,4 kg/m2
‘’ Trackman’’ Self Leveling coat  3,9 kg /m2
ARS SPORT ‘’ Trackman’’   EPDM 2,8 kg/m2
* 1 -3,5 mm granules
* nett usage,gros usage 3,8 - 5 kg/m2

Technical Data
• Sandwich system – wear coat & insitu applied base layer
• Force reduction 43%
• Thickness 13,4mm
• Vertical deformation 2,61 mm
• Friction 0,71
• Tensile strength 0,51 MPa
• Elongation at break 51 %
• Non-porous

ARS Full PU System

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